About Us

Wunmmies Couture (WC) was officially established in March 2012 by Adebayo Omowunmi. It was borne out of her passion to create something beautiful from start to finish and she chose fashion as a form of expression.

VISION: The vision is to build a world-class automated fashion industry where jobs are provided for people, while making affordable, beautiful, unique and stylish outfits for women of all classes and ages.

MISSION STATEMENT: To make as many females as possible happy fashionable WCwomen! #BeAWCWoman 

VALUES: Integrity, Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, Empathy.


SERVICE/ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: We have a wide variety of products. We have 3 major type of services we offer:

  1. Custom Order: This covers tailoring Services offered to clients who have a specific order of what design they would like to be produced for them or who have fabrics they want tailored into outfits.
  2. Retail Line: This is our Ready-to-wear line, we make a wide range of products such as : dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, jumpsuits, shorts , swimwear, for females of all ages.
  3. WC academy: This is our training school where we train both kids and adults on different tailoring skills and the art of being a fashion designer. For more information on this please visit www.wcfashionacademy.com .
  4. WC STUDIO: One-stop shop for all things photoshoot. we bring your dream image to reality. We offer different packages that can fit into your budget.