Here are a few notable facts about the term: NEW WINE:

  • New Wine is obtained from grapes that have been through a recent process called crushing.
  • New Wine according to scriptures is associated with blessings and bounty(Deut 7:12-13, Jer31:12).
  • New Wine means the fulfilment of God's promise.
  • Where there is new wine, there must be a new wineskin; a 'flexible container" for the new anointing God has for us.

From conception till date, the WC brand has undergone a seasonal process of 'crushing', we make it a point of duty to keep evolving, pruning, learning and relearning just so we keep getting better in our service to you, our beautiful clients..!

In the NEW WINE collection we went a step away from our norm, different execution but still beautiful and unique styles as always! There is definitely something for every woman in this collection!